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Greeting Cards That Celebrate The Past

I’ve been busy beefing up my free printable greeting cards page. I’ve recently added several new categories of greeting cards to celebrate the past. I added 7 new 1950’s style greeting cards with phrases such as, “You’re My One and Only”, “You’re So Cool” and more. The cards have all kinds of fifties style clipart images like leather jackets, greasers, 50’s style automobiles and more.

You’ll find 7 new 1950’s nostalgic style cards with phrases like: “Cruising With You Is So Much Fun”, “You Make Me Wanna Dance”, and “I Only Have Eyes For You”.

There are 5 new vintage greeting cards that contain old sepia tone photographs from the 1900’s.

Finally, there are 5 Classic or Early American Greeting card templates.

1950 fifties greeting cards

The greeting card templates are quarter fold greetings, meaning you fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half and then fold it in half again to create a single greeting card. The inside of the card is blank and ready for your to write in your own text. If you ever go to a crafts store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby there are all sorts of embellishments that you can buy to add to your card to give it that personal touch.

You’ll notice that I have split the greeting cards index page up into categories to make it easier for you to find the printable greeting cards that you’re looking for. I hope that helps.

View all of our greeting cards.



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August 15th, 2008 at 5:21 pm

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