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New Web Templates Coming Soon

I’ve been very busy lately designing new web templates for my website. I have about 100 new web templates that I’ve been working on.  Most of the web templates are targeted at service industries such as janitorial, pet sitting, roof repair, dry cleaners, electrical company, concrete contractor, tile contractor, garage door contractor and more. There really are too many different industries to name. I didn’t know that there were so many service industry web templates that I didn’t have until I sat down and took notice.

Designing web templates is the fun part of the website design business. You get to let your creativity run wild and play with colors and photos..sizing and resizing images. For my web template customers I always slice the graphics and create the html pages for them. I want my templates to be as easy to use as possible for beginners.  You pretty much have to paste your text in the content area and maybe add your site name on a graphic for my templates.

After the initial designing of the web templates, I have to create a thumbnail image of the home page and inside page as well as a thumbnail image to upload to my website. After that I create the product numbers and finally write the descriptions for each web template. This is definitely what takes the most time. I find the more accurate and fun the description the greater chance the web template has of being sold. I have a web template search engine that I add all of this information to before the new templates appear on my website.

I expect my new web templates to be added to my website late next week. If you want to see the new ones added, check this link for the newest templates:




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September 15th, 2009 at 8:03 pm

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