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St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday and is observed on March 17th of each year. St. Patrick (who maybe died on March 17th) was an Irish missionary who was thought to have spread Christian worship throughout Ireland and the former pagan practices were chased away.

This yearly event is marked with many St. Patrick’s Day Parades and Festivals. I’m going to the parade in Mobile, Alabama this year. St. Patrick’s Day is a day to wear green and to go to a parade or a party and drink green beer.

The following are thought to bring you good luck: finding a penny and picking it up, finding a 4-leaf clover, sneezing three times before breakfast, having a lady bug land on you, seeing a spider spinning it’s web in the morning. lol

If you’d like to wish someone a happy St. Patrick’s Day, I have several printable St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards that are available for free download. You don’t have to be Irish to use them. Anyone would be happy to know that you are thinking about them. Here is a sample St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Card:

st. patrick's day greeting card

To use these printable greeting cards:Fold the greeting cards one time and then fold them again, meaning you fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half and then in half again to create a single St. Patrick’s Day greeting card.

The inside of the greeting card is blank and you can write whatever you like there to customize the greeting card for your loved one.

You can also download some St. Patrick’s Day graphics to cut out and tape/glue to the greeting cards at this url: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/graphics/free-st-patricks-day-graphics.html.

[ Download free St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards ]

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