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Teacher Appreciation Week May 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week is Monday, May 3, 2010 to Friday May 7, 2010. This is a week that we need to take a moment to thank teachers for teaching our children and catering to their educational needs. The teachers you thank may be pre-school teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers, middle school teachers or high school teachers.

During Teacher Appreciation Week each day of the week the schools administration directs the students to do something special for it’s teachers. For example Monday students can bring teachers a piece of fruit. Tuesday bring your teachers some school supplies and so on. On Friday there is usually a luncheon for teachers which the parents contribute the food. The official Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 4, 2010. On this day it is customary for parents and school children to bring gifts to their teachers such as flowers, apples, and small tokens like coffee mugs, picture frames or whatever your heart moves you to do.

If you would like to give your teacher a free Happy Teachers Day greeting card, we have several that you can download here:


The fact that you can read this post is due to a teacher. Remember teachers and the important role they play in our future the upcoming week.



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