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7 Year Old Breaks Into Zoo and Kills Animals

I read a news story about a 7-year old boy in Australia who climbed over a wall to break in the Zoo. You’ll never guess what he did when he got in there. I guess he couldn’t resist the warnings to not feed the animals but really he took it too far. He fed several live animals to an 11-foot crocodile! They know exactly what he did because they captured the whole incident on video.

To the animals that he didn’t feed to the crock, he bashed them  in the head with rocks. His killing spree lasted for 30 minutes and he killed 13 animals. The Zoo has identified the boy but are unable to press any charges against him because he’s too young. The animals lost will cost the Zoo around $7000 to replace. The Zoo will probably sue the boy’s parents which they should. How can a child that young get out of the house and do something so evil? Talk about a serial killer in training….

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October 5th, 2008 at 9:54 pm

One Response to “7 Year Old Breaks Into Zoo and Kills Animals”

  1. Professional Website Templates Says:

    I heard about this on CNN. When I listened to it I was getting so upset! Granted this child is only 7 (I have a six year old at home), but he still SHOULD know what’s right and wrong, what moral and immoral! This is a true reflection of the parental guidance he isn’t getting!

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