Free JavaScripts to Cut and Paste

free javascripts

A JavaScript is a bit of programming code that is usually cut and pasted into your web page to perform a set of programming functions. JavaScripts are a great way to add interactivity and personalization to your web site.

Examples of JavaScripts include adding the current date to your website, showing the last date that your page was modified, adding snow to your web site, breaking out of frames and so much more.

Please use the following Free JavaScripts to add interactivity to your web pages. Enjoy!

"Thanks a lot buddy. I am an amateur and was wondering how certain things are done and the java help has been very helpful. Thanks again. Great designs. lovely work bro." - Somesh

How to add a popup window
to your web page.


Add your site to user favorites
great traffic building technique


Add an Internet Search Box  
to your website.


Document Last Modified
lets visitors know the last time your page was updated.


Email Page to a Friend
A simple way to add interactivity to your website.


Junk Mail Preventer
protect your email adress


Creating Links with no underline
easy as 1-2-3!


Placing a border around a page
cool picture frame effect


Pull Down Menu
great when you need to add a lot of links in a small space


Snow Effect on your Page
simple to do and great for seasonal web pages


Break Out Of Frames
help your visitors break out of framed pages.


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