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Here are more free JavaScripts that can be used to add interactivity and personalization to your web site like displaying the current date/time on your website, showing the last date that your web page was updated and more.

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Background Effects JavaScripts
free javascripts to change your page background.


Date and Time JavaScripts
free javascripts that deal with date and time functions.


Form Elements JavaScripts
javascripts that deal with creating web forms.


Generators JavaScripts
free javascripts that generate functions.


User Information Display JavaScripts
use javascripts to get information about your user like ip address, browser, etc.


Miscellaneous JavaScripts
useful java scripts that don't fit into any other category.


Mouse Tricks JavaScripts
free javscripts that do cool things to your mouse.


Random Items JavaScripts
need to display random items? check out these useful free javascripts.


Redirection JavaScripts
direct visitors to different pages on your site with these easy to use javascripts.


Windows and Frames JavaScripts
free javascripts that control windows and frames.


Scrollbars, Title Bars, Status Bars JavaScripts
customize your scrollbar, title bar and status bars with these free javascripts.


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