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~Template Study
~What's New on the Website?
~What's Down the Road

Template Study

We are conducting a short study to see how we can improve our web templates. Participants will be asked to download templates, try them out and then give feedback. If you would be interested in participating in this study, please send an email.

What's New on the Website?

  • We've beefed up our templates by adding over 70 new business and personal website templates.
  • We've added 12 cool web interfaces on our Freebies page.
  • We implemented 2Checkout on our website and can accept payments from any credit card, without signing up for PayPal. (It's working pretty good too.)
  • Our awards program is back up and running.

What's Down the Road?

  • We are working on a Free Website Give-Away Contest. Each month we will take all names entered in the drawing and one Lucky Winner will get a Free One Page Website. This will be a professional web design and is worth $99. This contest will only be available to our mailing list subscribers.
  • We're putting together a new area on our Freebies page with free stock photos and graphics.


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