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~ FFA Link List
~ New Website Search Engine
~ Web Page Template Terms of Use
~ What's New With Our Website
~ Web Design Article: Spider Friendly Copy

FFA Link List

Looking for no cost site promotion? Free For All Link pages are perfect for this. A Free For All link page or FFA is a web page with a list of links. The link page could contain several categories to post your link to or it could be topic specific. Many web site owners choose FFA Link pages to build traffic. Some choose FFA Link Pages to gather email addresses. If you don't like spam, it's best to post to a FFA that doesn't require your email address. We have added a list of over 200 Free for All Link pages that you can submit your web site to. This list will be updated regularly. Go to this url to view the list:

New Website Search Engine
We've added a search engine to our website to make it more convenient to find information on our website. The search engine searches all pages, meta tags, keywords and images. It will come in handy when searching for a particular web templates. You will find the search box on the top of every page.

Web Page Template Terms of Use
All of our web templates are non-exclusive. This means the templates may be sold to more than one licensee. The templates may be used on both personal or commercial web sites unless otherwise noted. Read the full license statement by visiting this url:

What's New With Our Website
Sample Actress, Model, Singer, Dancer Flash Website added to the portfolio. This exclusive web design is for sale.
Sample Daycare Web site added to portfolio. This exclusive web design is for sale.
3 small business templates added (139, 141, 142)
2 personal templates added (140, 143)
Webmaster Resources updated with new site promotion urls and reciprocal links.
Flash Portfolio updated with 2 new projects.
Customer Praise updated with new feedback.


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