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~What's New on the Website?
~Elements of Effective Web Design

What's New on the Website?

  • Web Template Search Engine - This new search engine will allow our customers to search for web templates with ease because it searches our web templates exclusively. Previously customer had to use our site search which brought results from our entire web site. From the template search results, you can view the pages of the templates and purchase them with credit card or paypal. We are in the process of adding all of the templates to the database, but you are welcomed to test out the beta version on our template home page. Ecommerce, Personal, Celebrity and Wedding templates are included in the template search results.
  • Web Templates with Full Resale Rights - we've started a new web template reseller's program. Will will allow certain web sites to resell our web page templates. You can sell all of the web templates as a complete package or any one of the templates in the package individually. You can sell as many copies as you like, charge whatever price you want and keep every cent you make. Visit our reseller page to find out more.
  • Free Web Templates - we've added several new free web templates. Recent additions are templates with educational, technology and floral themes.
  • Advertise on our web template site - you can advertise on our web template site for as little as $6 per month.

Elements of Effective Web Design


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