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We only accept high quality photos for inclusion on our website. We carefully review each application received. You may apply to become a member by registering and uploading your photos. If your photos are approved, you will see them on your personal account. If they are not selected for inclusion in the stock photo database, you will be notified via email. After solving the problem, may submit your photos again.

For each transaction, the photographer receives a 50 percent fee.

Any photographer may request to be paid for his/her sales on as soon as the balance has reached $50 and the photographer submits a Payment Request from the Management Area.

Payments are sent by Paypal only.

Sign Up and sell your photos.

The categories and their end-user prices are as follows:

Image downloads Level License Resolution Price for Registered Users Earnings from Registered Users Downloads
0 - 99 downloads Level 1 100 Web resolution 1 credits $0.5 per image
0 - 99 downloads Level 1 100 Print resolution 1 credits $0.5 per image
0 - 99 downloads Level 1 100 Additional format (vector, RAW etc. - if available) 2 credits $1 per image
100 - 990 downloads Level 2 Unlimited Web resolution 2 credits $0.25 per image
100 - 990 downloads Level 2 Unlimited Print resolution 2 credits $0.25 per image
100 - 990 downloads Level 2 Unlimited Additional format (vector, RAW etc. - if available) 4 credits $0.25 per image
How to sell your images:
Your first step in selling your images is to register to the site, which you can do for free on the Sign Up Page. Then go to the Upload Files option, under the Photographers tab. Before uploading a file you must make sure the following criteria are met:
- image must be your personal work and you must own the copyright upon everything within it
- image must be 3MP in size or more
- image must saved at the highest JPG quality
- upload the original image from which you traced an illustration in the Model Release area in the same time you upload the illustration (if it is not the case you should mention the illustration is your own, created from scratch, work in the notify admins area)
- check the image carefully for copyright issues, anything that is label, logo, characters from cartoons or movies, are protected and are not accepted.
- check the image for all the faults listed in this guideline
- don't upload offensive content like explicit nudes, drugs, people in offensive positions, racism
- add a relevant description to your image. It must be more then one word and explain the image
- don't write the image name and description in capital letters
- don't add model releases that are not jpg. Filename of the MR must be made of letters and numbers, no special characters.
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