Add a New Page to your website using the Cpanel's Basic HTML Editor

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To create a new page using the cpanel html editor:

Step 1

Open notepad and enter your page content.

Step 2

Save as page.html (or whatever you want the pages name to be). Pay attention to where you save your file. You can save to your c:\drive so that you'll remember where you saved the page.

Step 3

Log into your web sites control panel. (Get this info from your web host)
Click on "File Manager".

Step 4

Go to the root directory (i.e. public_html, www, etc.) of where your web site is housed.

Step 5

Click on "Upload file(s)"


Step 6

Click the Browse button and locate where the new page is located on your computer. You should have saved it on your c:\drive. Click the upload button.

Step 7

If everything went correctly you should be back at the file manager main menu.

You should be able to view your new page from your web site at or whatever you named your new page.

Visit the next tutorial for information on how to make changes to your new web page.

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