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This simple and elegant wedding invitation is an example of a graphics design project completed for a customer who wanted to announce their wedding. The customer had a tight budget and needed an inexpensive solution. When looking at the cost of wedding invitations they were discouraged. Like many customers who are on a tight budget, they tried to make their own home made wedding invitations but they didn't turn out as well as they expected.

The wedding invitation pictured above was designed by Hoover Web Design. It was easily created using Microsoft Word and a printer. The heavy cardstock paper for the wedding invitation added a professional touch. The invitation's paper was high quality with raised graphics with hearts on it. Wedding Invitation paper like this can be purchased from an office supply store like Office Max, Office Depot or even Walmart. If you are on a tight budget or need discount wedding invitations you should try to make your own invitations.

This customers wedding invitation has a beautiful bouquet of red roses wrapped in red ribbons. The verse on this wedding invitation (in red) reads :

"In the Timeless Garden of Love, One New Flower has Blossomed".

Hoover Web Design also sells wedding web site templates which can be used to announce your wedding or your engagement to your friends and family on the web. A few example wedding website template are shown below:

Wedding Website Template
Wedding Website Template
Wedding Website Template

Click on the thumbnail image to view details of the wedding web site templates.

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