Ways To Give Your Wedding A Personal Touch With Personalized Favor Boxes

Wedding favors are a way for you to say thanks to everyone that came to your wedding and to show gratitude for their support. So how do you give presents to a relatively large group of people and keep your thanks sincere enough in your gifts? One way is to personalize your wedding favors. This idea gives whatever presents you choose a personal touch that your guests will surely appreciate. There are several ways to go about it and here are seven suggestions that you can use. They will surely help you convey your sincere thanks to your guests.

One great suggestion is personalized tags. These tags are small unobtrusive and can carry anything on them from a small message of thank you to a personal photo you and your groom. These tags have great versatility and give you plenty of options when personalizing a gift.

Using photos is another great way to personalize your gift. Adding a photo of you and a guest or of you and your groom are great ways to personalize a gift. However there are draw backs you may not have pictures of you and a guest or a photo on a gift may be too tacky. Use your discretion to guide your choices on which gifts to personalize with photos and how. Done well it will be a great hit with your guests otherwise it can end up not worth the effort.

Using personalized favor boxes is another excellent way to add a special touch to your personalized gifts. First off you won't have to worry about the gift as much. The package will say as much about the care put into the gift as the gift itself. There are also just as many ways to add personal touches. You can add text, a monogram, or simply a unique message of thanks. There are also several types of gift boxes available giving you a great choice selection.

Another Idea are personalized refrigerator magnets. First they are useful. A useful guest present will not be automatically chucked when they get home. It will be something that can be used often and whenever they look at it will remind them of you. This is an idea that also applies to any other utility gift you personalize like pens or stationary.

Using monograms can be an elegant way to add a unique touch to a favor. First off monograms look good on anything. They look great on place settings, decorations, and all types of guest gifts. This is a great way to put your personal stamp on a gift in a less obvious way than a photo. The only downside is that not used properly it will still seem impersonal so try adding a small message of thanks besides a monogram.

Engraving is one of the best ways to personalize a wedding favor. First off engraving is best done on metal or glass items. This allows you to make a nice gift even more special. A silver frame or glass figurine engraved with your own special text becomes an instant memento that can be cherished. This is especially great for guests that you are very close with. The combination of a nicer favor and a personal engraving will only raise you in the eyes of close loved ones you want to thank with your present.

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