Planning a Wedding Under the Stars

It is true that planning a wedding is a very hectic time. Any woman wants their day to be perfect in every way. When they are younger and fantasizing about their day it always includes a handsome man, a church filled with guests or a romantic setting of a garden or beautiful beach scene at sunset. At the moment the couple becomes engaged, time is rushed.

Picking out the perfect location to live up to the hours of day dreaming, picking out the perfect wedding favors and also planning their dream reception. It all becomes so overwhelming for anyone. Outdoor weddings have become a very popular pick for most couples and is a great alternative to having a more traditional church wedding.

Although getting married oceanside or under the stars is romantic, outdoor weddings call for additional planning to guarantee a perfect, uninterrupted ceremony. There are also many beach wedding favors and garden wedding favors to fit with any outdoor theme. Once you have selected a date or month that fits for an outdoor wedding, couples must choose the location. It is important for couples to secure a location early in the game. In larger cities locations are needed to be reserved in plenty of time because most of the time they are booked for years to come.

Of course, the option of having the wedding in a relative's backyard is a great way to save money, but it does not provide you with a unique romantic feel that couple's hope for. Some nice locations that an outdoor wedding can take place are a park, botanical garden, beach, and so forth.

There are very many unique wedding favors to match your theme. Spring wedding favors are the perfect favor for any garden or park wedding.Some couples believe that outdoor weddings are cheaper, but because of requirement of special amenities to keep your guests comfortable, these weddings usually cost more.

Indoor weddings only require the cost of the food, facility, decorations and wedding favors. An outdoor wedding you also will have the expenses of your outdoor venue, you must rent tables and chairs and tents are most of the time necessary for your event.

When planning an outdoor wedding most couples forget the minor details. One example is the lighting. Will the guests be left in the dark once the sun sets? It is important to drive over to the location at night to see what kind of lighting will be necessary. The noise is very important, too. Do you hear the sound of cars form a noisy road or is it near a sporting field? The sound could drown out your guests' fun time. Most importantly are pesky mosquitoes and bugs. To alleviate this problem couples should choose outdoor lighting and candles that are intended to repel insects.

When choosing your unique wedding favors make sure to choose some that are not too fragrant as to attract bugs as well.You have many choices in choosing the perfect wedding favor. There are a wide variety in garden wedding favors and spring wedding favors for a park or botanical garden wedding. Summer wedding favors and beach wedding favors are perfect for any beach wedding under the stars.

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