What Are Google Site Links?

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Do you ever browse the Google search engine and see additional links listed under a website?

Well those additional links are called Site Links. Here's an example:

google site links

Google Site Links are popular sub-pages of web site under a domain. They are listed as a help so that you can browse parts of a websites most popular pages. To get them you have to rank number one for a search term in Google. For example Hoover Web Design has them because we rank number 1 for the search term "hoover web design". Try entering your websites name to see if you have any site links.

Unfortunately, you canít control which pages get listed under Site Links. Google automatically chooses Site Links and they change from time to time. If you do manage to get them it's great! Having more links to your website is always great.

For additional information check out my blog post on Google Site Links here:


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