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Google Site Links

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I’m going to talk briefly about Google Site Links. In case you didn’t know what Site Links are, they are popular sub-pages of web site under a domain. For example if you do a Google search for “Hoover Web Design”, you’ll see the sites 8 Site Links shown. The Site Links are for:
web templates
web design
prices […]


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I opened my error logs to see some weird “file not found” errors today:
[Tue Feb 26 09:18:13 2008] [error] [client xx.xx.x.xx] File does not exist: public_html/business/pages/realtech_title.gif
[Tue Feb 26 09:18:13 2008] [error] [client xx.xx.x.xx] File does not exist: public_html/business/pages/moreinfo_blue.gif
[Tue Feb 26 09:18:13 2008] [error] [client xx.xx.x.xx] File does not exist: public_html/business/pages/hardOCP1.gif
[Tue Feb 26 09:18:13 2008] [error] […]

Google Adsense Affiliate Program

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The Google Adsense affiliate program is highly recommended due to it’s ease of use and highly targeted ads that are relevant to your website’s audience. Just place the Adsense code on each of your website’s pages and your site visitors will do the rest.
Once Google ads are placed on your pages their technology will read the […]

New Image Hosting Website

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I had a domain, www.hooverwebhosting.com that I wasn’t using. I had the domain forwarded to my web hosting services page. I was going to let it expire this year and then I thought about it.
At this writing, Hooverwebhosting.com is a PR5 and I’ve owned the domain since 2004. I decided it would be better to put […]

Glitter Graphics

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Today I added a gazillion freebie glitter graphics on the website to give away to my site’s visitors.
Myspace and other social networking pages are really popular so the graphics will be useful to my website visitors. I bought a majority of the  glitter graphics a few years ago and finally had the time to put them on my […]

Just Getting Started

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I’ve finally found the time to start a blog.  I plan to talk about my favorite things to do which are website design, making money on the Internet or what ever else is on my mind.
To those who are curious about what I do during the day, here is a list of some of the things I’ll […]