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Banned by Google?

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Google bans websites that try to cheat to get better rankings or to deceive it’s users by using SEO blackhat techniques.
To tell if your website has been banned go to Google.com and type in your website name,
i.e. site:www.hooverwebdesign.com (substitute hooverwebdesign.com with your domain name)
If you see ZERO search results, it means you are not listed […]

Where to Get Images

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As well all know, a website can look really plain and boring without photos. Images help you to graphically show website visitors what your website is about and can grab your readers attention.
If you want to revamp your website and need stock photos for your website, following are a list of places to legally grab stock images:
royalty-free images:
free images:
Content © […]

How To Get Rid of Google Public Service Ads

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If you use the Google Adsense program to monotonize your website, surely you dread seeing the PSA ads loading on your web page.  PSA ads are public service announcement ads for non-profit organizations that appear on your website. Generally these ads appear until the Google spider has had time to review the content of your […]

My Cabin

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My husband and I bought a little country cabin in Mississippi last year. We were working hard at updating it but had to put our plans on hold due to the cold weather. Now that the weather’s getting warm again we can get back to work!
It’s about an hour’s drive from the house, so we pack […]

What Happens When Your Website Is Down?

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If you’re like most people, the first thing you do in the morning is check email. Have you ever tried to check email and got the dreaded “host can not be found” message? Normally that means your website can not be reached by the mail server.
There could be one of two reasons: 1) Your […]

Free Pet Sympathy Pet Loss Greeting Cards

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If you are looking for printable pet sympathy greeting cards that you can use to console a friend or family member who has lost a beloved family pet, I’ve added several pet loss cards that you can download for free.  The pet loss and pet sympathy cards include printable cards for pet dogs, cats, frogs, […]

New Glitter Graphics to Download for Free

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I’ve just added a 100 new free glitter graphics for download with themes for Captions, Compliments, Aprils Fools, Disco, Ego, Flowers, Love, Comments, Spring Graphics, days, Cute, Insults and Girly graphics.
To download the free glitter graphics, just right click on them and save them to your computer. Upload them to your own hosting space […]

Do Domain Registrars Steal People’s Domain Ideas?

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Have you ever searched for a domain name on a registrars site and contemplated about buying the domain name for a few days only to find out that your domain name has been already registered by the domain registrar?
This is a shady practice but some unethical domain registrars will steal your domain name ideas. Once […]

How To Fix the “Windows No Disk Error” with Apple’s QuickTime Movie Player

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Do you try to view .mov files on your pc with the Apple QuickTime movie player and get an error message that says, something like “No Disk or Windows No Disk”? Also a bunch of annoying windows pop up and you have to hit cancel or continue for like 50 times before the error message […]

Go Tigers Go!

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Tonight is the big night! The NCAA Final Four Game with Memphis Vs Kansas is in San Antonio, Texas. Gametime is 8pm. I’ve got all the game snacks ready and a bunch of friends are coming over! The last time Memphis made it to the National Championship was in 1973. It’s going to be a […]