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How To Deal With Deadbeat Customers

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If you’re in business one time or another you’ll have to deal with deadbeat customers. Most people are decent honest people but there are many out there that are dishonest and trying to get something without paying for it. In retail stores the business owner may post bounced checks until payment is received. The Internet […]

New Website Design and Development Articles Added

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Want to learn about website design and managing your website? I’ve added several new articles to the Website Article Knowledgebase. Check them out:
Search Engine Optimization & Website Design
How To Increase Repeat Visits To Your Website?
Increase The Usability Of Your Homepage - In 8 Easy Steps 
Need A Start Up Business Loan? 
Focus on SEO Before You Launch […]

New Linked From Feature in Google Webmaster Tools

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I logged into Google Webmaster Tools today to find a new feature that tells you where your broken links are coming from. To access this valuable information click on Overview for one of your sites and then “Not Found” Details. There you’ll see a new column called “Linked From”. This allows you to see where […]

Printable Bosses Day Greeting Cards

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Bosses’s Day was October 16th. If you haven’t gotten anything for your boss it’s not too late! You can give your boss a printable certificate or a greeting card. Better late than never!
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Typing Services by Remote Secretarial Service.com

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If you own a small business or business office and need professional typing services for a special project or just an extra pair of hands, I recommend that you contact Remote Secretarial Service.com.
Remote Secretarial Service is happy to provide the following professional business services:
Word Processing (Error Free Typing Services), Brochures, Business Forms, Manuscripts, Books, Plays, […]

Solution for Microsoft Word Page Borders Getting Cut Off

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The other day when I tried to make a printable certificate with a border around it, the right side of the border kept getting cut off by the printer. I remember having this problem before but didn’t have time to figure out what the deal was. Well today I made time for it.
Long story short, […]

Google Page Rank Update

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A Google Toolbar PR Update happened a few days ago. The previous update was in June.  For those that don’t know, Google’s Pagerank formula is secret and is designed to allocate authority or weight to individual web pages. The higher your web page’s pagerank the more authorative your website is being seen by the Google […]

Download Free Printable Award Certificates

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I’ve added a new category of free printables, Printable Certificates to the website. Printable certificates are a great way to award or recognize someone for an accomplishment and make them feel special. The printable certificates are templates so just take an ink pen and write in the persons name that you want to recognize along with […]

7 Year Old Breaks Into Zoo and Kills Animals

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I read a news story about a 7-year old boy in Australia who climbed over a wall to break in the Zoo. You’ll never guess what he did when he got in there. I guess he couldn’t resist the warnings to not feed the animals but really he took it too far. He fed several […]

Free Birthday Party Ticket Style Invitations

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I added a few new printable birthday party invitations today. They are free downloads. These invitations look like concert or event tickets. They would be great for a pre-teen or teenager’s birthday party celebration. There are 5 invitations to choose from at the moment. Let me know if you like these style of invitations and […]