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Make a Google Sitemap with Sitemapbuilder.net

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The other day I ran across a neat Google sitebuilder tool. I actually lost the url and it took me a while to find it again.  Don’t you hate when you do that! I’m adding the link to my blog so that I won’t loose the link again.
Lately in Google Webmaster Tools I have been […]

Google Local Business Results

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Have you ever searched for something near your home in Google and see a section at the top that says, “Local business results for….whatever you were searching for?” Here’s a sample search engine listing for memphis shopping malls:

If you own a website or a business, surely you want your listing to appear alongside the other Local […]

Google New Feature: Last Spidered Date?

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Today I was checking out my keyword rankings and came across an odd listing in Google. I’m not sure what it is, but it looked like there was an extra note that detailed when the page was last spidered or added to the search engine. It might be something old, but I know that I […]

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

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Good News. Google has just released a new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (SEO Starter Guide) that tells you how to improve your websites ranking in the Google search engine. Better rankings lead to more traffic which leads to more money.
The information contained in the starter guide is for beginners. If you are interested in learning more or […]

Calculate Potential Google Adsense Revenue

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Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the website had an excellent Google ad placement? You probaby wondered how much they might earn with the Adsense Program. Well, today I ran across a website called Adsensemeter.com. All you do is put in a website url and it says it can calculate the amount of revenue […]

Kontera Check

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I received my Kontera check today for $1,819.97. For some reason they sent a payment for two months. Kontera payments are ususally for one month at a time if your account balance reaches $100.  Usually I receive payments for one month.
I’m not sure why I received two months at one time. A few weeks ago […]

Design Inspiration

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I ran across a pretty cool website today. It’s called Web Design Ideas. Like the name implies, the site finds a vast number of websites with exceptional designs that can inspire you in your own website designs.
The design examples include thumbnails for quick viewing and then you can click through to visit the actual website. […]

Download a Free Fifties Theme Website Template

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I have created a new free download 1950’s style web site template. The template has fifties images of cars and neato teens with records. The colors used in the template are pink, white and 50’s green.  This free fifties web template comes with 1 page and you can make as many additional web pages as you like […]