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Free Memorial Day Party Invitations and Memorial Day Greeting Cards

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The long Memorial Day weekend is coming up. If you are having a backyard bbq this weekend and need an easy way to invite friends and family over for your party, you’re in luck! We have a couple of free Memorial Day party invitations that you can download for free from our website. The Memorial […]

Last Minute Printable Mothers Day Greeting Cards

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Mother’s Day is tomorrow, May 10, 2009. For those of you who have let time get away from you, you can download and print out free printable mothers day greeting cards to give to your mother. A bouquet of pretty flowers and words from your heart will mean more to her than anything else. It will […]

Happy Cinco De Mayo

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Cinco De Mayo or the 5th of May is a fun celebration of Mexican heritage and pride through out the United States. How to celebrate? If you aren’t throwing a party, be tropical, lie on the beach, have a frozen margarita, or go eat some Taco Bell!
If you’d like to wish that someone have a […]

Swine Flu It’s a Hot Topic

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Everybody is talking about the Swine Flu. Twitter is abuzz about it. Swine Flu does not come from eating pork but it’s a highly contagious disease which can kill the young, old and sickly. The symptoms of swine flu are similar to your typical flu, fever, cough, headache and muscle aches. This strain also causes […]