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Promote Your Website With AddToAny

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I found a neat little tool today that I’d like to share with you. The name of the tool is AddToAny.  AddToAny allows website owners to give their site visitors an easy way to recommend their website to others. What website owner doesn’t love it when their visitors promote their websites for them? None. Your […]

Hoover Web Design on Facebook

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I just recently got a page for Hoover Web Design on Facebook. It’s one of those things I never could get around to doing but finally I did. 
Signing up was very simple. I thought it odd that in order to have your own searchable page you have to have 25 likes. A friend of mine […]

Free Back To School Party Invitations

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Well, this long hot summer is finally coming to an end. Within the next few weeks,  kids all across the country are going back to school. If you are a stay a home parent like me you are happy to see them go back. All I can think about is how much work I am […]