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Promote Your Website With AddToAny

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I found a neat little tool today that I’d like to share with you. The name of the tool is AddToAny.  AddToAny allows website owners to give their site visitors an easy way to recommend their website to others. What website owner doesn’t love it when their visitors promote their websites for them? None. Your […]

How To Get Your Blog Comment Approved

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Yesterday I spent a great majority of my time deleting 2000+ spam comments from my websites blog. I dread going through all of the comments because of all the spam I receive. If you have a blog you welcome comments from your readers. But the price to pay is that you are flooded with spam and […]

Five Steps to Successful Niche Marketing Over the Web

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This article is from our guest blogger Malcolm Sheppard.
The web is bringing people together! It’s creating communities! That’s all true, but let’s flip that premise to boost our insight. The web also separates people. From search to target site, surfers can confine their browsing to very specific areas of interest. Unless you can get your foot […]

The Importance of the Niche Website

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Do you ever hear the term “niche website” in relation to website development and wonder what it is, what it means and what it can do for you?
Let me try to shed a little light. A niche website is a small website that is focused on a particular topic or area of interest. For example […]