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Adsense Click Prices Vary

Today I was looking at my Adsense reports and saw that I got 1 click for $5.01. The click doesn’t come any where to beating my highest click of $47.29 that I received on May 27, 2008 but still it’s great. Definitely a pleasant surpise. I wish they could all be like that… or atleast at lot more of them.  :) You know last month, February was a short month and I received a total of 95,040 clicks. That would be $476,150.40 if I had $5.01 per click. Now that would really be nice.

In looking at my reports, here is what I am getting for 1 click on my websites:

google adsense cost per click

As you can see it varies.  The amount per click depends on your website’s category and the advertisers bid. I think most clicks average between .10 to .58,  but that’s just my opinion.

In order to make any money using Google Adsense you really have to have a lot of website traffic. So concentrate on drawing people to your website and providing useful content and then the money will come.

When your website is something that you are passionate about or like doing adding content will become easy to do. It’s a great job to make money doing what you love.



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March 7th, 2009 at 6:39 pm

One Response to “Adsense Click Prices Vary”

  1. Juistin Brooke Says:

    Cool! Yeah, we definitely need to put aggressive efforts on drawing massive quality traffic to our site, otherwise, Google Adsense will be useless.

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