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How To Get Your Blog Comment Approved

Yesterday I spent a great majority of my time deleting 2000+ spam comments from my websites blog. I dread going through all of the comments because of all the spam I receive. If you have a blog you welcome comments from your readers. But the price to pay is that you are flooded with spam and people trying to use your website to promote their website.

My blog had comments covering prescription drugs, mortgage loans, and many other “non-family friendly” topics that I don’t care to mention. Only a few of these comments were from other web design related websites. I really wonder what these people/spammers are thinking? If a blog is moderated that means the site owner WILL REVIEW the comment BEFORE it’s posted. There’s really no point in posting links to a blog that has nothing to do with your websites topic. Outright spam will NEVER get approved! No one’s going to see it. You are wasting your time. That’s just common sense. That being said, leaving your web link on a blog is a legitimate form of website advertising. The smart people who want to leave their link on a blog know to:

1) Pick a blog that’s related to your website’s topic. If your website topic is prescription medicines and the website you want to leave the link on has a topic of website design, your comment will not get approved. However, if your website’s topic is pertaining to webmaster tools or items a website designer would be interested in, that’s great.

2) Write up an intelligent comment that actually pertains to the blog post that you want to leave your link on. Show ‘em you read their blog post. You can comment your opinion about the article and then leave a non spammy link to your website. For example, if you have a website design site, use your actual business name and not keywords that you hope will push you up in the search engine rankings (i.e. “best web designer” is no good). If you get traffic from this blog link it will be from someone else reading the blog and you will appear to be an authority site versus a spammer. If possible use the blog owners name, this makes your comment more personal.

Following these 2 simple steps will encourage the blogs owner to be more likely to approve your comment/web link because you are in turn adding value to their blog. Enough said!



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July 28th, 2011 at 6:46 am

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