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Meta Tags Guidelines

When you want to increase search engine traffic to your website your first plan of action should be making sure your meta tags are set up properly.  Meta Tags are very important to bringing in targeted search engine traffic to your website. This doesn’t cost you any money and is a SEO (search engine optimization) technique that you can do yourself.

When you are setting up the meta tags on each your web pages, following are some guidelines to tell you how many characters and keywords you can use inside of each meta tag:

<META NAME=”title” CONTENT=”your page title here”>

- This is the title meta tag. It should be a MAX 65 characters in length.
- Recommended: site title + 3-5 descriptive keywords.

<META NAME=”description” CONTENT=”post your sites description here”>

- This is the description meta tag. It should be a MAX of 165 characters in length.
- Recommended: should contain one or two of you keyword/keyword phrases.

<META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”keyword1, keyword2, keyword3″>

- This is the description meta tag. It should be a MAX of 255 characters in length.
- Recommended: use 10 words, don’t list your keyword more than 3x.

For more information about keywords, read our blog post about what to do with keywords.



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