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Quick Way To Submit A Page to Google’s Index

I found something neat on Google’s Webmaster Tools today. Well at least I never noticed it before.  If you go into Webmaster Tools and from the left menu, click “crawl” and then Fetch as Google it allows  you to fetch a web page as Google does. I did that to test a page out. Cool. After  that it gives you the option to “Submit the Page” to the Google index. Wow. It tells you the page will be crawled in few minutes by Googlebot and you get up to 500 submissions like this per month.

Submit a page to the Google Index

If you submit a page and want all of the direct links on the page to be crawled,  it will give you a maximum of 10 submissions a month. Please note it says it can not guarantee all of the pages will get crawled.

I am still in the middle of doing my website redesign so I changed the information on a couple of pages, and added some new pages. I submitted a few of those pages. I was not sure if the pages were going to be recrawled or not.  I looked at my website stats (the latest visitors)  and sure enough the pages were crawled by Googlebot within minutes!

submit to Googlebot

That’s so cool to me.  Now you might not have to wait until Googlebot finds the new pages on your website.



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July 2nd, 2014 at 9:28 pm

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