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What To Do With Keywords

Keywords help search engines index your website’s page so that web surfers can find what it is they are looking for. Keywords are a brief description of what your page about. A keyword can also contain a phrase. For example some of my website’s keywords would be “memphis web design” or “professional web design”. When selecting keywords for your website, just think about what the subject of your website is and what visitors might type in their Internet search box to get to your website.

Be sure to put your website’s keywords in the following 5 areas:

1) Page Title
2) Meta Tag Title
3) Meta Tag Description
4) Meta Tag Keywords
5) H1, H2 Headings


If you use images repeat the word or phrase in the images Alt text
If you are linking to other pages, the link text should contain the keywords as well.

Keywords are very important to the success of your website. If you have the wrong keywords listed, web surfers might not be able to find your page or if they do find your page they may be looking for something that you do not have.

When choosing keywords for your website, try to choose keywords that are less competitive. The reason for this is that it may be hard to rank well in the search engines for very competitive terms. Many websites are older than your website is and have more links than you have. Choosing less competitive keywords can help with this.

Here’s an example, “professional web design” is a very competitive term. My site ranks 1 out of 28,800,000 websites. If someone else wanted to rank well for professional web design they might have a difficult time beating out the 28,800,000 other websites. So, instead of trying to beat out those websites, you might try different keywords like “professional web design memphis” or whatever state you service. This is more detailed and the websites that are listed for this search term is about 437,000, which is significantly less than 28,800,000. It’s also specifically what the web surfer may be looking for.



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August 2nd, 2008 at 8:35 pm

One Response to “What To Do With Keywords”

  1. Brett Says:

    It’s nice to see someone else involved with professional web design put a focus on keywords and actually take the time to explain them to people. Most of the people my company has built websites for don’t know anything about keywords and what they do for their site. I think they think sites just appear magically in search engines randomly.

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