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How to Make Your Own Ebook

If you want to make money online selling your own products is definitely the way to go. But what products? If you have knowledge or a valuable skill, it’s very likely that others would pay money for your knowledge. We all are knowledgeable in some area. What do you think about ebooks? Ebooks can be on any topic and are just like real books except for the fact that they are in digital format. Just about anyone can be an ebook author. The benefits of ebooks are that you can sell the ebook multiple times to many people, share your knowledge with others, and it requires low start up costs.

make your own ebookIf you don’t know how to create an ebook, don’t worry because it’s very easy. First of all, create your document in Microsoft Word or similar Word Processor program (Tip: Google “download open office”. This free program is just like Microsoft Word and has a built in PDF converter.). Be very thorough in your topic and make sure you spell check and use proper grammar. Next you’ll need to export the document to a PDF file. A PDF file is an Adobe Acrobat file.

Exporting the document to a PDF format will preserve your work in the format that you created it in. In addition no one will be able to remove your name and copyright information from the document. Also, your ebook will be able to run on many computer platforms such as Windows, Linux and Apple Macs. PDF995 is an excellent choice of a free PDF converter except that it displays and ad after you create your PDF. I’ve used this tool for years but have recently started using PDFcreator. I like it a lot because it allows you to add keywords and a description to your PDF files.

Just so that you know, an alternative to distributing your ebooks in PDF format is exporting books as EXE files. This is frowned upon because many computer users tend to think of an EXE file is a virus…me included.



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