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5 Steps to Creating a Starter Website

Today it is very crucial for your business to have an internet presence. Your main method of advertising your business may be print advertising, flyers,  or commercial ads.  Whether you have a website or not if someone is interested in your business they will look for your business name on the Internet.  When someone searches for your business, it’s in your best interest for your website to come up.  Your website can be filled with information on your services, products, current sales promotions, coupons, store locations, hours of operation, your contact telephone numbers and more.  All this information can be readily available for your customers 24×7. That is what you want. So now, you want to know how to go about creating your first website.Â

confused about getting a website, let hoover web design help.If you haven’t owned a website before I suggest you start out small with an information website that describes your products and services. Initially all you need is a website that is comprised of your business name, the service/products that you offer, customer testimonials, and your contact information. You can upgrade your site later with interactivity by adding a newsletter mailing list,  selling products, a business blog and more. For now here are the steps involved in getting your feet with creating a new business website:

1. Purchase a domain name. Your domain name should have the keywords that pertain to your business in it. For example the name of this website is Hoover Web Design.  My last name is Hoover and my niche is web design so www.hooverwebdesign.com is a good domain name choice. You should alway purchase your domain name right away because you don’t want someone to register your domain name before you do. That happened to me once because I waited around. Now I have to keep checking the domain registry to see if the person who registered the domain is going to let it go.

2. Type out your text that you want to appear on the website in a Microsoft Word Document. It will speed things up to have the text written for you website and for you to know what your site will consist of especially if you choose to hire a web designer to do your site for you. You can show them your draft and they’ll know exactly what you’ll need for your website as far as pages and link names.

3. Shop for web designer or build the website yourself using a website builder or web template. If you choose to let a web designer design the website for you you’ll fare better.  A lot of small business owners do it themselves but rarely come out with a professional website design.  In most cases where a non-technical small business owner has done his own website the website is flawed. Common things that I have seen are the layout will be off balance, blocks of text will not be aligned correctly,  the graphics will be in the wrong positions, typos, some menu items will not be linked up.  The list goes on. What a mess!

When a potential customer visits your website you can bet they will not be purchasing anything from you. Would you purchase with a website that was all messed up? More than likely potential customer will leave right away. Remember this website reflects your business and it says you are an unprofessional mess. That’s not the image you want to present to a potential customer. A lot of small business owners make the mistake of wanting to get a website done as cheaply as possible and come out with a website that does them more harm than good.

There is nothing wrong with trying to build your website yourself but if the result is not professional you need to do something else. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trying to build your website yourself but if the end result is not professional you need to do something else.

Website builders are a good choice because creating your own website is as easy as pasting your text into a WYSIWYG editor which is similar to Microsoft Word. This is highly recommended for a business owner who wants to build his website himself because you are in control of maintaining your website.

For a website owner who wants to user their own web hosting and maintain the website themselves, a web template would be a good choice because you can use your choice of web host and use a html editor like Dreamweaver or FrontPage to add your text and graphics to the web template.

At Hoover Web Design to cost to add your text and graphics to one our web templates starts at $50 and depends on the requirements of the template. This is a relatively small price to pay for a professional website design that can accurately reflect the professionalism of your business.

4. Purchase web hosting and upload the completed website to your web host. Web Hosting is where your site will be stored to be viewed all over the Internet. There are so many web hosts, just pick one that meets your business needs. Reliability should be the number one factor in your decision. If your website is down you could loose those search engine rankings that you’ve worked hard for.

5. Promote the website. When promoting your website be sure to submit your website to Google. Google is one of the most popular search engines around and can deliver a lot of traffic (potential customers) to your website. Google Adwords, which is pay-per-click advertising  is also a good choice.

Good luck with your first website and I hope these tips will make your website successful.



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April 4th, 2008 at 8:40 pm

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