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Download a Free Flash Photo Gallery

If you need to display images or photos on your website, you can download our demo flash photo gallery to use on your website for free. This easy to use flash photo gallery allows you to quickly display up to 20 pictures in small amount of space on your own website.

Navigating the photo gallery is really easy. Simply click on the thumbnail for a larger view of the picture. Click on the larger view to view the largest view of the picture. Thumbnail images are automatically created for you.

You to customize the following in this flash photo gallery:

Number of photos in the photo gallery, up to 20
Customize Background color
Customize Title Color
Customize your Title (Photo Gallery)
Play the MP3 song of your choice (must have sample rate of 44.1khz).
Customize scrolling arrow colors

If you like this demo flash photo gallery you can purchase one of our photo galleries which allow you to hold up to 100 images or more.

View more information about this free flash photo gallery and download it.



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September 24th, 2008 at 2:57 pm

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