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Planning To Start a New Website? Follow These Simple Steps.

If you plan to start your own website but don’t know where to begin, follow
these 5 simple steps that will have you well on your way to having your website

1.  Know the purpose of your website i.e. it will sell t-shirts, It will
advertise my business by providing information about my business, my business
hours, services offered, etc.

2.  Purchase a domain name for the website. This is important, as you want to
make sure your domain name is available. A second choice is ok but a first
choice is always better. You can also purchase web hosting at this point.

3.  Decide on what types of technology will be required for your website.

HTML Website - a static starter website with only text and image content
pages. An example would be an informational brochure type website. This type of
website might have pages for about us, products, services, and contact us.

Ecommerce Website - if your website sells products you’ll also need a way to
accept payments online. View our recommendations.

Database Driven Website Applications - if your website will require any type of programming or interactivity with your sites visitors it will most likely require PHP
programming. Examples of programmed websites include visitor login sites, dating
sites, download sites, etc.

4.  Draft out on paper what pages the website should contain. If your website
is Ecommerce (sell something) you’ll need to decide on your web stores

5.  Type up the text for each of the content pages. If your website is an
ecommerce website you’ll need to put together a listing of your products with
product titles, descriptions, prices and photos.

By following these simple steps you’ll be well on your way to starting your own website.

Next you can decide whether you will hire a web designer, such as Hoover Web Design to design your website for you or if you will do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself but lack website design experience, use a website builder.



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July 20th, 2008 at 10:40 am

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