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Blank Project Planner Sheets Available

I just added a few new printable project planner sheets to the website.  What is a project planner you might ask? Hmmm…A project planner allows you to get a handle on a large project by breaking it up into smaller tasks. Large project seem intimidating to some and they just don’t know where to begin. Well, you begin here by writing the steps necessary to complete the project. If you are into organization, a project planner sheet is for you! If you are into procrastination (Shh…I won’t tell!), a project planner is for you too! lol

Just about everyone can benefit from taking control of his or her large project and organizing it so that you can successfully managed and complete it. The project planner sheet allows you to write the projects name, the project start date and end date. Next you would write the tasks or small steps required to complete the project as a whole, along with their individual due dates. It’s that easy! Now you just have to stick to the due dates and get the work completed.

I created 6 blank project planner sheets (with different themes) and hope to be adding more pretty soon. As with the other free printables, they are saved as Adobe PDF files so that they can be opened on just about everyone computer.


Download blank printable project planner sheets ]


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June 5th, 2014 at 4:25 pm

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