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Editable Funeral Memorial Program Templates

Today I added 5 editable funeral memorial program templates to the free printables section of the website. Sometimes when a loved one passes away they may have not had life insurance or money saved to help pay for the burial. In this day and time money is tight and you could save money by creating the funeral memorial program yourself…on your home computer. You have to cut funeral costs where you can.

My funeral program templates are Microsoft Word documents that you open up and remove the sample text and add the appropriate text for your loved one.  The 4-page layout is already set up for you.  I created the memorial templates with different themes. You could also replace the pictures with any pictures that you want to use. I plan to add some more free funeral programs soon. Check them out here:


If you have trouble setting up the funeral program,  Hoover Web Design can design a funeral memorial program just for you. We can do the job with a custom layout (unlike the basic free memorial template) and add whatever information you want to be included. This free memorial program is 4-pages, but we can create a custom 8-page or more memorial program for you for not a lot of money. Just let us know what you require.



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May 13th, 2014 at 4:07 pm

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