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New Printables On The Website 6.19.14

Many printable new items have been added on the website including:

Printable Chore Charts to help children and parents keep track of their chores, New Business Receipts, sales receipts I believe.  There are many new  Certificates for school teachers to award their students:

    Bible Awards Certificates including: I Learned the 10 Commandments Award, I Learned the Lords Prayer, I Learned The Books of The Bible award certificates.

    Chili Cook-Off Awards Certificates

    math achievement awardsMath Achievement Awards Certificates including

    1. Mastery of Times Tables Award Certificates 
    2. Mastery of Long Division Award Certificates 
    3. Mastery of Subtraction Award Certificates 
    4. Mastery of Addition Award Certificates 
    5. Mastery of Fractions Award Certificates 
    6. Mastery of Multiplication Award Certificates 
    7. Mastery of Telling Time Award Certificates 
    8. Mastery of Counting Money Award Certificates

    I have a backlog of requested award certificates and I am trying to get them all out before the next school session starts. Keep the requests coming….



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    June 19th, 2014 at 8:20 am

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