"Email A Page To A Friend" Javascript

Insert the following Java Script into the head of your web page document to let your visitors send one of your web page to a friend via email:

<script language="javascript">
function mailpage()
mail_str = "mailto:?subject=
Check out the " + document.title;
mail_str += "&body=I thought you might be interested in the
" + document.title;
mail_str += ". You can view it at, " + location.href;
location.href = mail_str;

You can modify the parts in BURGUNDY.

Put this code as your link::


Click here to email this page to a friend.

When the link is clicked on, the users email will pop this up:

Email a Page to a Friend Script


If the code above doesn't work on your server modify the following line:

mail_str += ". You can view it at, " + location.href;

with this:

mail_str += ". You can view it at, " + location.href.toString();

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