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Affiliate Program

Existing Affiliates

If you have already signed up for our web template affiliate program, please click here to check your stats.

Reasons to join the affiliate program:

  • If you are in the web design or web hosting field this affiliate program will compliment your existing services. Check out the premium web templates that you will be selling.
  • Registration and participation is FREE!
  • 20% commission (10-50$ per sale in average).
  • All products have great market value. Each 60th targeted visitor makes purchase according to our stats.
  • Start earning money immediately after registration!
  • If someone comes through your affiliate link and leaves without a purchase you still earn your affiliate fee when this visitor comes back to buy a template later on.
  • Track your earnings and visitor stats in real time.
  • Track your visitors in real time.
  • Sell professional web templates under your brand name.
  • Display template catalog on your site through dynamic interface. You'll get:
- chat support operator;
- FAQ;
- Terms And Conditions;
- keyword and category search options.
• We take care of everything - charging the credit cards, anti-fraud protection and customer service through support chat.
• Advanced visitors traffic statistics.
• Email notification of when you get a sale and receive a weekly sales report.
New Affiliate Sign Up


How Much Money Can You Make:

Pleae note the commissions range anywhere from $1 to $100+, depending on what your customer purchases. The amount of sales you make will vary from day to day and will depend on your web site's traffic.

There are 2 ways of referring visitors:


  1. You should sign up as an affiliate by filling simple online form (you will get your affiliate link in affiliate account interface).
  2. You will place your affiliate link or banners on your web sites or you can send your affiliate link to your potential customers via e-mail.
  3. Everyone who comes in through your affiliate link, will get lifetime cookie on his computer.
  4. You will get 20% of all purchases of “cookie customers” lifetime.


  1. You should sign up as an affiliate by filling simple online form (you will get your affiliate link in affiliate account interface).
  2. You will be able to generate our dynamic interface to sell our templates even under YOUR OWN BRAND without any references to us.
  3. You can use different pre-made skins to choose the way of displaying templates and placing keyword and category search options on your site.
  4. You will get 20% of all purchases via your website lifetime


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