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Basic Website Design HTML Tags
An HTML tag is part of the World Wide Web markup language HTML, denoting the start and end of an element, and, through its attribute values, sets properties of that element. For instance, the tag begins an EM element (used for marking emphasized text). (The user agent may choose how to indicate this emphasis.) Where an element is not empty (such as a line break or horizontal rule), an opening tag should be matched with a corresponding "end" tag, which is identical to the opening tag except that it begins with a slash (i.e. for the emphasis tag). Some of the common tags used in HTML are in the table below.
<HTML> </HTML> Signals the start and end of the html document
<HEAD> </HEAD> Encloses TITLE and META tags
<BODY> </BODY> Signals the start and end of web page content
<B> </B> Makes text bold
<I> </I> Makes text italic
<T> </TT> Makes text resemble that of typerwriter
<FONT> </FONT> Manipulates text
<H> </H> Puts heading on page. Ranges from size 1 to 6
<CENTER> </CENTER> Centers stuff on web page
<IMG> </IMG> Puts graphic on page. Needs SRC attribute to work
<A> </A> Makes a link. Needs HREF attribute to work
<BR> Skips down one line
<P> Skips down two lines
<HR> Makes a line across the page
<TABLE> </TABLE> Signals start and end of table
<CAPTION> </CAPTION> Puts heading above table
<TR> </TR> Signals start and end of table row
<TD> </TD> Signals start and end of table cell
<TH> </TH> Same as above but makes text bold and centered
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