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View a demo of the flash MP3 music loop player.

Need a cool way to play MP3's on your web site? Our stand alone flash music player lets you continuously play up to 30 MP3 (must have sample rate of 44.1khz). The flash music player dimensions are 600x270.

The player automatically starts and plays the first song, when it goes through all of the tracks it starts over. The equalizer is animated and moves up and down. The track title scrolls from the left to the right as long as the track plays. If you switch tracks the new track title scrolls. There is also a time display for the tracks.

There is a volume up and volume down controller. When you hold your mouse over them they change colors. There are also controllers for rewind, pause, stop, and fast-forward to the next track. When you hold your mouse over them they change colors.

The numbers 1 through 10 are the tracks and control the songs. If you click on the + symbol, the menu for tracks 1-10 flips and you get songs 11 -20. From here you see another + to get songs 21-30. The - sign is on the left and allows you to return to the main menu. Once the player has finished playing all of your songs it starts over.


Customer Testimonial

"The media player was exactly what we were looking for: the setup was breeze, you can't beat the price, and the quality is superb." - Matt F.

Click on "Help" and the Help Menu slides from the bottom of the interface.

Knowledge of Macromedia Flash is not necessary and the Flash program is not required. The music player is updated via simple text files. This gallery only supports MP3 music loops. The gallery can not be resized. Doing so will cause the gallery to display incorrectly. English is the only language supported by the flash music player.

After purchase you will receive a Flash swf file, control file and basic instructions on how to set up the flash music player on your web site.

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We recommend that you review the Flash Music Player FAQ before you make your purchase so that you can understand what you can and can not do with the Player.

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