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flash music player faq

Q. What will I receive when I purchase a flash music player?

A. You will receive a zip file containing a Flash swf file (non editable), sample images, an administration file, and basic instructions on how to add your music to the gallery.


Q. Is the Flash Source file (fla) for sale?

A. No, not at this time. Hoover's Flash Music Players were created for the basic website owner who does not have Flash design skills but wants to have a flash music player on their website.

Q. What do my site visitors need to listen to the music player?

A. Your site visitors will need to have Internet Explorer 6.0 and the latest version of Flash 9,0,28,0 installed in their browsers with their speakers turned on. If you are using a different browser you will have to test out it's compatibility by using our demo music player.

Q. My order did not pass the verification process but I still want the music player. Is there anything that I can do?

A. In some instances we will accept a Western Union payment. Contact us for more information.


Q. Can I get a refund?

A. Per the license agreement we are not able to offer refunds once the product has been downloaded. You will need to read the license agreement, check out this FAQ and ask questions prior to purchase if you have special needs. Once your order has been approved you are given a unique username and password that will allow you to access the products download page.


Q. I followed the instructions but still need help setting up my music player.

A. When asking for support with setting up your player you will need to provide the email that you placed your order with and your order number. Each player license is assigned to an individual so the person who the license is assigned to is the only one whom we will offer support to. Individuals who have not purchased a license should not be violating the license agreement by using the music player. In most instances we will ask for a temporary ftp and username so that we can troubleshoot your music player's setup.


Q. Can you add my music inside of the music player for me?

A. Yes we can. Turn around time is just a few hours. We'll just need your website's ftp and username login. Just Contact us and let us know how many mp3's you have.


Q. I lost my player files, can I redownload the files?

A. Yes, but you will have to pay a download link reactivation fee. Contact us for more information.


Q. Can I download a sample music player?

A. Yes, you are welcomed to download the demo player to see how it works.


Q. When I view the player I receive an invalid license message?

A. First check that you are using the player on the domain name that the player is assigned to. The player will not work on a domain that you did not purchase a license for. Next you will need to ensure you have the latest version of Flash installed in your browser. You can check to see if you have the latest version of Flash by right clicking on the player and selecting "about". You should have at least version 7. If you dial up to access the Internet we can tweak a few settings to delay the movie until your connection catches up. Contact us for help.

Q. Can I add the music player inside of another flash movie?

A. If you know how to do this, go for it. Note our music players are designed to go on a html web page. If you purchase a music player to put inside of a flash movie you do so at your own risk. Our support of the music players will be limited to helping you set up your music player on a web page but not inside of a flash movie.

Q. I am a web designer. Can offer the music player as one of my products and charge customers a fee to set up the music player for them? I will advise the customer that they must purchase a license from Hoover Web Design.

A. No, absolutely not. This violates the license agreement. Under no circumstances will we sell licenses to designers who intend to compete with us with our own products.


Q. Can I customize the music player and change some things around?

A. The music player SwF file is uneditable and can not be customized. If you purchase a music player it will behave exactly as the demo music player that is on this website.


Q. I can't see the music player in my browser.

A. Download the latest version of Flash for your browser from here: Can't see the animation?  Download the most recent version of the Flash Player


Q. My music is not playing in the music player.

A. The most common cause of this is that you didn't rename your mp3 files with the .class extension. Some computers do not allow you to change the extensions on files. For example the your computer might rename the file music1.class.mp3. If this is the case, upload your mp3s to your web server and rename the file names there.


Q. The player takes a long time to load songs.

A. The music player can not control the speed that it takes to load a song. The speed depends on two things, 1) your Internet connection and 2) the size of the song that you choose to add to your player. To make your music player load the songs quickly you should choose MP3 music that is small in size (4 megs or less).

Q. Can I stream music from another location to be used in the music player?

A. No, In order for the music player to read MP3 files they must be located on the same server/same directory as the player SwF file.


Q. Are there any restrictions for using the music players?

A. The music players do not work on free hosted websites that do not have a fully qualified domain name. An example would be like those from your isp, geocites, etc. You will need to have purchased your own fully qualified domain name. The players do not work on Ebay or on a cd.


Q. Can I have more than one music player on my website?

A. Yes you may, provided you are not using the music player commercially. The music player is to be used for your personal use on 1 website. It is acceptable to use the music player on different pages of your web site. An example of using the music player commercially would be hosting music players for someone other than yourself. If you want to use music player on more than one domain, you will need to purchase an additional music player license.


Q. Can I put the player on all of my websites?

A. No. The music player is to be used for your personal use on 1 website. If you want to use music player on more than one domain, you will need to purchase an additional music player license.


Q. Is the music player an instant download item?

A. Before you receive the link to download your music player, each transaction goes through a fraud verification process. This process usually takes no longer than 24 hours.


Q. Do I need Macromedia Flash to edit the Music Player?

A No, Flash is not necessary to use any of our flash music players.


Q. Can I use a language other than English for the titles and descriptions in the music player?

A. No, English is the only language supported by the music player.


Q. I purchased a music player, can I switch the license to another music player?

A. No. If you are interested in another music player you will have to purchase it.


Q. Are there any specifications on the MP3 that I can use?

A. The MP3 that you use must have a sample rate of atleast 44.1khz. It is recommended that you use a small MP3 music. If you use a large music file your site visitors that dial up to access the Internet will have to wait for the music to begin to play. Your web host will have to allow for both .mp3 and Class files depending on which music player you purchase. Some of the players require you to rename your .mp3 file to a Class extension.


Q. Is there a way to format the application for slower download speeds (33.6 kb)?

A. No.


Q. Can I resell or give away copies of the music player?

A. No, absolutely not. This violates the license agreement. This includes advertising our music players on your website and saying you will set it up for your customers for a fee. Under no circumstances will we sell licenses to designers who intend to compete with us with our own products.


Q. Can you do customizations on the music player?

A. No, not at this time. We are busy adding more products to the web site and can not do any custom work.

If your question is not listed here, please contact us before you make your purchase.

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