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Ecommerce Information - Accepting Payments Online

Accept Credit CardsEcommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds, through digital communications. View a few of our ecommerce websites. If your goal is to sell your products or services on the Internet, you have to think about how you will accept credit card payments. You have a couple of options here.

A Merchant Account, Payment Gateway with a Secure Web Certificate will allow you to accept credit card payments directly from your web site (with a shopping cart). Information about obtaining a merchant account is found below.

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For smaller businesses with few products (1-10), we recommend get started quickly by opening a sellers account with PayPal or 2Checkout or both. You need to give your customers as many payment options as possible. This is how most small businesses get their start accepting payments on their websites. . You can start off accepting payments with PayPal and 2Checkout and as your business grows you can upgrade to your own merchant account Information about accepting credit card online using each credit card processor as well as the fees is listed below for your reference.

Information about accepting Credit Cards with PayPal

Information about accepting credit cards with PayPal

PayPal - a service which allows people to send and receive money safely and securely. It allows you and your customers to exchange money through a neutral source. You simply open a PayPal account (for free), and place "buy me" buttons on your web site. You customize each button to contain the product cost and shipping charges. After a successful sale, you will receive an email to notify you that you have received an order and the funds have been deposited into your PayPal account. Next you can fulfill the customers order. Once the order has been shipped, you can mark the order as shipped an an email will be deliver to your customer to let them know that their product is on the way. Once you are ready to remove funds from your PayPal account you can deposit money into your bank account. It only takes a couple of days if you do a transfer or you can use the PayPal debit card (recommended) so that you can have access to your money immediately. You can also request that a check be mailed to you. PayPal makes it very easy to do business online. Take a look at our client website, Personal Adornments for Internet stores accepting PayPal for payments.

>> Visit PayPal to Sign up for your free account

PayPal Fees

PayPal charges Premier and Business accounts to receive payments. Personal accounts are free, but may not receive credit card payments. If someone has money in their PayPal account and they wish to pay you, you can receive the funds.

 Personal Account
 Premier/Business Account
Open an Account Free Free
Send Money Free Free
Withdraw Funds Free for US bank accounts

Fees for other banks
Free for US bank accounts

Fees for other banks
Add Funds Free Free
Receive Funds Free 1.9% + $0.30 USD to 2.9% + $0.30 USD
Multiple Currency Transactions Exchange rate includes a 2.5% fee* Exchange rate includes a 2.5% fee*

Information about accepting credit cards with 2Checkout

Information about accepting credit cards with 2Checkout

With 2 Checkout You make one payment of $49 and can accept credit card payments from your website or send payment requests via email. For each sale that you make you pay 5.5% plus .45 per transaction. If you don't make any sales, you don't have to pay anything.

Similar merchant services can cost much more than this. You receive your money twice a month via direct deposit into your checking account. Take a look at our web template store for an example of a website that accepts payments using 2 Checkout.

>> Visit 2 Checkout to sign up for an account

No application fees. No Monthly Payments. No Leases.
$49 Setup Fee and pay transaction fees only when you make a sale

Why 2CheckOut?
  • No Waiting Weeks, Start Selling 3 Minutes from Now Through 2Checkout!!
  • No Term Contracts!
  • No Equipment or Software Needed!!
  • Easy to Use Plug N Play Code!
  • Simple Fee Structure
  • Sell 24 - 7
  • Sell to Anyone, Anywhere in the World!
  • Sell Products or Services, Just about
  • Recurring Billing Supported!
  • Works with Existing Shopping Carts
  • Instant Sales Notification!
  • State of the Art Fraud Detection
  • Great for Simple or Complex Sites
  • Comprehensive Account Management Tools
  • Safety and Security

Low Costs!
  • $49 Setup Fee
  • $0.45 per Transaction
  • 5.5% of Transaction Amount
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Application Fees!
  • No Monthly Fees!!
  • No Statement Fees
  • No Leases!!
  • No Maximums or Minimums
  • Use Our Secure Server FREE!
  • No fees for ACH deposits to US or participating Canadian bank accounts.
  • FREE Check Payment or Low Cost Wire to Non US Bank Accounts
  • FREE Shopping Cart!
  • FREE Code For Your Site
  • FREE Online Tech Support!

>> Visit 2 Checkout to sign up for an account

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