Domain Name For Sale


A good domain name can make or break your business. When choosing a domain name there are certain the things that you can do to make a good choice when selecting a domain name. Think about having a memorable domain name first. Sometime that is easy to remember will make it easier for your customers to find your website. As an example, you could choose your last name if that is the name of your business. When choosing a domain name you could also choose something with not a lot of characters in it. The more the characters, the more likely it is for the person to misspell the domain name. This isn't good because they could wind up no where or even worse at a competitor's website. When selecting a domain also, try not to do dashes or abbreviations. People don't abbreviate the same way on words most of the time. Just remember to be selecting when choosing your domain name. Enjoy!


eBay is also a good place to buy domain names. For your convenience, we have listed some current domain name auctions below:


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