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Buy an established website for sale and skip the website designing and building stage altogether. Go right to promoting your new Internet business to start making money TODAY!

Why should I buy an established website for sale?

  1. You could own the web site today. No waiting on the site to be developed.

  2. Ability to pick and choose the type of website that you want.

  3. Design and any programming work are already done.

  4. Test out the web site before you buy.

  5. Site could already be receiving traffic and making money.

  6. Costs less than having a custom web site developed for you. Sometimes web designers build websites just to sell or perhaps the owner of the website just doesn't have time for it. Either way, you could be getting a great website at a good price.

Things to look for when buying complete websites for sale:

  1. Is the site making any money? Is there proof?

  2. Does the site have traffic? Is there proof?

  3. Check the domain name to see when domain was registered.

  4. Check out the web sites' Google™ page rank.

  5. Check out the web sites' Alexa™ ranking.

  6. Check out the web sites' backward links in Google™, All the Web, Altavista and other search engines.

  7. If you plan to use Google Adsense™, ensure the site has not been banned.

  8. What does is take to maintain the site? i.e. hosting fees, content addition, promotion, etc.

  9. Why does the owner want to sell the website?

While all of those factors are individually important, ultimately you should go with your gut instinct before you purchase a website. You know your circumstances, the time you can devote to a new website, what you will have to do to maintain the website, the additional costs involved, etc. Only you can determine if it will be a good business decision for you to buy an established web site.

Established Websites for Sale

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Websites for Sale

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