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Our B2B Business Services include business office projects, content development, social media, and virtual assistant services. - Get a FREE quote

Remotely, we can handle all of your office projects: digital marketing, social media management, business reporting, graphics design, company newsletters, PowerPoint slide presentation decks, etc. Learn more about B2B Business Services. freelance website design


Got an outdated, worn out business form or need an Excel file? Let us create it for you! Prices start at $$ depending on the project. We customize Business Forms, Certificates, etc.


Think of us as your virtual office assistants or temporary office help when you need it. Grow your business and complete projects quicker!


As Lipstick Keyboard is very cute! The keys look like lipstick or a makeup palatte. I've gotten several compliments about it. I have ordered several for my friends and family. It makes for a unique gift for computer users.

Hoover Professional Designs

Hoover Professional Website Design

Welcome to Hoover Professional Designs. We specialize in Professional B2B Small Business Services to include marketing, content development, social media management, event posters, event banners, party invitations, and custom certificates. We also offer solutions for professional web site design, web templates, site builders, web hosting, domain name registrations and search engine visibility.

Using the Internet, Hoover Professional Web Design eagerly helps businesses and individual clients all over the World to establish and maintain a professional Internet presence. We can also help with content development such as creative newsletters, digital marketing communications, email marketing templates and social media management. Get a FREE quote! Hoover Web Design strives to create professional designs that will effectively promote our clients products and services to their target audience.

Our eye-catching and professional web site designs will make your website stand out to your site visitors and accomplish the website goals you have created!

Hoover Web Design offers the following professional design services:

website maintenance Social Media Marketing Management - Let us market your business, products, services on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc. website builder

graphic designer Event Graphic Design Services - Unique event banners, custom theme party invitations, candy bar wrappers, event posters and signs and wedding and funeral programs to name a few.

website maintenance Custom Certificate Creation - Reward or give kudos with a custom certificate.

seo B2B Business Services - content creation, company newsletters, slide decks, business forms

website maintenance Website Maintenance - Maintaining your existing website, blog or online store

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