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Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Things are changing now.  Mobile Devices are outperforming desktop devices and becoming the most common terminals in Internet.  As a consequence, web designers have to face the big problem:

How to show visitors the same page in different devices?

Because the different screen size of mobile devices are smaller than PC, it’s not an easy job to show the same effect in different devices.  Sometimes the webpage seems perfect in desktop devices, but the same content will be unacceptable in mobile devices.

To solve the problem, some websites offer different webpages for different devices, for instance, they design a webpage specifically for mobile or iPhone/iPad.  This practice can provide an optimal viewing experience, but it’s so troublesome to maintain multiple webpage.  Besides, if a website has multiple portal (entry), it will increase the difficulty in site structure.

Hence, the Responsive Web Design is coming.  In 2010, Ethan Marcotte came up with the word “Responsive Web Design”:   a web design which can detect screen size automatically and adjust the webpage layout for a better view.  He made a sample webpage, which has six heroes’ avatars in Sherlock Holmes.  If screen width is more than 1300 pixels, the six avatars will be in a line.  If the screen width is between 600 pixels to 1300 pixels, these avatars will be divided into two line.  If screen width is between 400 pixels to 600 pixels, the navigation will be moved to the head of the webpage.  If screen size is less than 400 pixels, the avatars will be divided into three lines.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

The advantages of Responsive Web Design is obvious:

1 .Visitors can get the same viewing experience with different browsers in different devices.

2. A Responsive Web Design doesn’t have different webpage versions, so you can keep the same SEO strategy.

3. You don’t have to manage multiple webpages, which can reduce maintenance cost of a website.

4. You can keep the origin link of your webpage in different devices.

5. Now Google also recommend using Responsive Design. Because it will be much easier for Google to handle the same HTML and content in different devices.

Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

1. Responsive Web Design is not so called “one-size-fits-all” in some devices.  For instance, some webpages look perfect in PC, but it looks not so good in Mobile after being resized.  Especially the navigation part in mobile devices, the responsive web design also makes the navigation difficult to set out in an intuitive and comprehensive manner.

2. People visiting website in different devices might have different needs, they want something new rather than the same contents in different devices.

3. The average development time of building a responsive website is usually 20% more than the time of building a standard site.

Contributed by Laurent He of  Slicemaker.com.

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A New Hoover Web Design is Underway!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a new design on the website. I’ve had the same grey/orange design since I started Hoover Web Design in early 2000.

With Spring being right on the horizon I thought now would be a great time to implement the new design. The new design has been streamlined. Besides a new color scheme that is shades of blue, I plan to get rid of some unnecessary items and condense some others. I am very happy with the new design and hope you will be too. :)

To see the new website design, check out the calendar templates:

I’m not sure how long it will take to get the whole website switched over into the new design. You may see pages with the old design and pages with the new design while I am working on the website. I apologize for that.  I thought about shutting down the website while I worked but that wouldn’t work because I’d lose my traffic. Then I also thought about doing everything on my computer and then upload after I was done with everything. That wouldn’t work either because the site is too large. I need to be able to test the pages/review the pages live as I do them. I finally decided to do the pages one at at time, upload them/test them and move on to the next page.

Well I would appreciate any comments about the new design.


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Promote Your Website With AddToAny

I found a neat little tool today that I’d like to share with you. The name of the tool is AddToAny.  AddToAny allows website owners to give their site visitors an easy way to recommend their website to others. What website owner doesn’t love it when their visitors promote their websites for them? None. Your website can be shared using Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Google Bookmarks and more. In addition, your visitors can share your page via email or add your page to their Internet browser favorites. This is a simple way to draw in referral traffic to your website.

To use the free AddToAny tool on your website, first visit http://www.addtoany.com/. Next click on “Get the Share Button”. Use the generator widget and include your page name and url. Finally click the “Get Button Code”.  The code that you need to copy and paste on your website will appear at the bottom of the page.

I created a button for my homepage and you can view it at the bottom of my page here:




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Hoover Web Design on Facebook

I just recently got a page for Hoover Web Design on Facebook. It’s one of those things I never could get around to doing but finally I did. 

Signing up was very simple. I thought it odd that in order to have your own searchable page you have to have 25 likes. A friend of mine got one for her business a while ago and did not have to do this.  Times change I guess. I sent requests to my friends and family and it was in no time at all that I got the required number of page likes. I added a couple of pictures of my website templates and  some  company info. I have begun to put a few “Like us on Facebook” links on my website. I mostly did the high traffic areas. I am hoping this will help to generate more referral traffic to my website.

On thing I don’t like is the Facebook Business Page is connected to my personal Facebook page. I wish they were separate. Whenever I post on my Hoover page it also shows on my personal page. I don’t think my friends would like to know about updates to my business website. Other than that it’s been great.

Visit Hoover Web Design on Facebook.



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Free Back To School Party Invitations

Well, this long hot summer is finally coming to an end. Within the next few weeks,  kids all across the country are going back to school. If you are a stay a home parent like me you are happy to see them go back. All I can think about is how much work I am going to get done with the kids back in school.

Some kids are ready to go back and other kids (like mine) are dreading going back because it means getting up early again and homework. For those kids who don’t want to go back to school, why not get them excited about returning to school by throwing a Back to School party for them. You can invite some of their friends over and get them excited about returning to school.

Below you’ll find free printable back to school party invitations that you can print on your computer for free.

[ Download Free Back To School Party Invitations ]

The back to school party invitations have vector illustrations of school and educational themes on them. To use the back to school party invitations, simply open the pdf file in your browser, print them out, write the party details inside of the invitation, and fold them up to give them to your party guests. Our party invitations are saved as Adobe PDF files because they can be opened on all computers.

Don’t forget to make a printable envelope to go with your party invitation. You can find detailed instructions on how to make your own printable envelope below.

[ Download Free Printable Envelopes ]



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How To Get Your Blog Comment Approved

Yesterday I spent a great majority of my time deleting 2000+ spam comments from my websites blog. I dread going through all of the comments because of all the spam I receive. If you have a blog you welcome comments from your readers. But the price to pay is that you are flooded with spam and people trying to use your website to promote their website.

My blog had comments covering prescription drugs, mortgage loans, and many other “non-family friendly” topics that I don’t care to mention. Only a few of these comments were from other web design related websites. I really wonder what these people/spammers are thinking? If a blog is moderated that means the site owner WILL REVIEW the comment BEFORE it’s posted. There’s really no point in posting links to a blog that has nothing to do with your websites topic. Outright spam will NEVER get approved! No one’s going to see it. You are wasting your time. That’s just common sense. That being said, leaving your web link on a blog is a legitimate form of website advertising. The smart people who want to leave their link on a blog know to:

1) Pick a blog that’s related to your website’s topic. If your website topic is prescription medicines and the website you want to leave the link on has a topic of website design, your comment will not get approved. However, if your website’s topic is pertaining to webmaster tools or items a website designer would be interested in, that’s great.

2) Write up an intelligent comment that actually pertains to the blog post that you want to leave your link on. Show ‘em you read their blog post. You can comment your opinion about the article and then leave a non spammy link to your website. For example, if you have a website design site, use your actual business name and not keywords that you hope will push you up in the search engine rankings (i.e. “best web designer” is no good). If you get traffic from this blog link it will be from someone else reading the blog and you will appear to be an authority site versus a spammer. If possible use the blog owners name, this makes your comment more personal.

Following these 2 simple steps will encourage the blogs owner to be more likely to approve your comment/web link because you are in turn adding value to their blog. Enough said!



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Remember to Renew Your Domain Names

Always remember to renew your domain names well in advance of them expiring. Most domain name registrars will send you friendly reminder email notices at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 15 days and a 1 week notice to advise you of when your domain name is expiring. Don’t ignore these notices!

Once you’ve let your domain name expire you may or may not be able to get your domain name back. Different registrar have different rules for claiming an expired domain.

I had a customer who for some reason let their domain name expire. They looked up one day and saw their website was different.  It turned out they had ignored the notices that they received to renew their domain name and came down on me blaming me for their domain name expiring.  I had to point out that they had purchased their domain name well before I came into the picture. I did not receive a notice of the domain expiring or I would have reminded them to renew it.  Sadly, this customer lost an old domain (from the late 90’s) and the person who owns it now has a page full of unrelated search advertisements on the site. What a waste!  Make sure you keep current with your domain name renewals.

If you have a domain name that is really important to you, you should register it for years in advance instead of doing year to year registrations. What if something came up and you forgot to renew your domain? You don’t want to take risky chances like this and lose your domain.  I did a 10 year registration on my hooverwebdesign.com domain. If your business/website isn’t going anywhere you should do the same.



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Duck Duck Go Search Engine

Today I stumbled across a new search engine called DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo was founded by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008. Not sure why but I’ve never heard of it before today. It has the same uncluttered look as Google Search. When using the search box the search results are what you see foremost instead of ads.  There appears to be one small ad on the right side of the page that is related to what you are searching for.

DuckDuckGo also has something called Instant Answers that gives you an answer to a frequently asked question before the search results. As an example they have the query being “age of david beckham”. When you search for this a source is listed as well as his age and then the search results are displayed. That’s cool when you need a simple answer fast.

What makes this search engine different from Google and many other search engines?  DuckDuckGo keeps your internet browsing private so that sites you are visiting do not know what keywords you typed in to get there or your user agent or IP address. Their privacy page talks about not collecting any personal information so that the information can not be shared with law enforcement or be hacked and released to the public. So I guess if you want real privacy when browsing the web, this is the browser for you.

Another aspect of the engine that I like is the Goodies page. It has lots of tech tools like calculations, conversions, dates , facts, geography and more.  DuckDuckGo has received positive press from sites like: Time, Lifehacker, New York Times, Fast Company, USA Today and CNN. DuckDuckGO is definitely worth bookmarking. You can access it at the following url DuckDuckGo.com.



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Google Page Rank Updated

It appears that Google has updated page rank in it’s search engine. As you know Page Rank is used by the Google Search Engine to determine the importance of a page. As with many page rank updates there are winners and losers. Most of the website’s I own remained the same. What I find to be odd is that the page rank for the Google Search page went from a PR10 to a PR9. Yes it was downgraded. I wonder if this has something to do with the Panda update. Hmmm…

Now I don’t feel so bad that my Hoover Web Design page rank when down from a PR7 to a PR6. To check your website’s page rank or to check the page rank of any page on the web, download the Google Toolbar here: http://www.google.com/toolbar/ie/install.html.



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Meet Google’s Panda

Have you noticed that your site has fallen in the rankings and you are getting less Google search traffic than you used to? Well, let me introduce you to Google’s Panda. While this panda is like a bear to handle, this panda is not black and white, cute, cuddly or welcomed by most website owners.

Panda is an algorithm change to the Google search engine. It is a concentrated effort by Google to rid itself of scraper and spam websites. Google is always trying to improve the quality of it’s search engine for it’s users. There is no black and white answer about what criteria was used to determine which websites would rise with Panda and which were to fall with Panda.

google panda algorithm changeUnfortunately for some established websites, many have lost search engine rankings that have taken them years to build up. My website included. You can go from page 1 to page 38 just like that! This is not cute, but a very scary reality that many webmasters are dealing with whom rely on getting customers via Google Search.

In reading several webmaster messageboards, the general consensus among webmasters is that Google’s Panda update has hit old established websites and pushed up scraper sites in the rankings. I’ve read on Webmasterworld that there will be a tweak/update to Panda that “might” undo what’s been done to established websites. There is no timeframe on this. No promises, no guarantees. But there is a glimmer of hope…

My advise on how to lessen the effects of Panda…Always stick to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, create your own unique content for your website daily and concentrate on getting quality backlinks. Natural backlinks are best.

As with Google’s previous updates I plan to ride it out. I will continue adding unique quality content and give it some time. If you are doing the right things with your website you’ll recover eventually. Good Luck.


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