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Free Printable Garage Sale Signs

I am thinking about having a garage sale sometime in the near future. Got so many items we don’t need any more or have outgrown.   I really need to get rid of them to make more space.  I made myself some garage sale signs and thought I’d share them.  Just print them out and hang them where you need to.  Remember to take your signs down after your garage sale ends. Enjoy!

free printable garage sale signs



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Quick Way To Submit A Page to Google’s Index

I found something neat on Google’s Webmaster Tools today. Well at least I never noticed it before.  If you go into Webmaster Tools and from the left menu, click “crawl” and then Fetch as Google it allows  you to fetch a web page as Google does. I did that to test a page out. Cool. After  that it gives you the option to “Submit the Page” to the Google index. Wow. It tells you the page will be crawled in few minutes by Googlebot and you get up to 500 submissions like this per month.

Submit a page to the Google Index

If you submit a page and want all of the direct links on the page to be crawled,  it will give you a maximum of 10 submissions a month. Please note it says it can not guarantee all of the pages will get crawled.

I am still in the middle of doing my website redesign so I changed the information on a couple of pages, and added some new pages. I submitted a few of those pages. I was not sure if the pages were going to be recrawled or not.  I looked at my website stats (the latest visitors)  and sure enough the pages were crawled by Googlebot within minutes!

submit to Googlebot

That’s so cool to me.  Now you might not have to wait until Googlebot finds the new pages on your website.



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New Printables On The Website 6.19.14

Many printable new items have been added on the website including:

Printable Chore Charts to help children and parents keep track of their chores, New Business Receipts, sales receipts I believe.  There are many new  Certificates for school teachers to award their students:

    Bible Awards Certificates including: I Learned the 10 Commandments Award, I Learned the Lords Prayer, I Learned The Books of The Bible award certificates.

    Chili Cook-Off Awards Certificates

    math achievement awardsMath Achievement Awards Certificates including

    1. Mastery of Times Tables Award Certificates 
    2. Mastery of Long Division Award Certificates 
    3. Mastery of Subtraction Award Certificates 
    4. Mastery of Addition Award Certificates 
    5. Mastery of Fractions Award Certificates 
    6. Mastery of Multiplication Award Certificates 
    7. Mastery of Telling Time Award Certificates 
    8. Mastery of Counting Money Award Certificates

    I have a backlog of requested award certificates and I am trying to get them all out before the next school session starts. Keep the requests coming….



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    Blank Project Planner Sheets Available

    I just added a few new printable project planner sheets to the website.  What is a project planner you might ask? Hmmm…A project planner allows you to get a handle on a large project by breaking it up into smaller tasks. Large project seem intimidating to some and they just don’t know where to begin. Well, you begin here by writing the steps necessary to complete the project. If you are into organization, a project planner sheet is for you! If you are into procrastination (Shh…I won’t tell!), a project planner is for you too! lol

    Just about everyone can benefit from taking control of his or her large project and organizing it so that you can successfully managed and complete it. The project planner sheet allows you to write the projects name, the project start date and end date. Next you would write the tasks or small steps required to complete the project as a whole, along with their individual due dates. It’s that easy! Now you just have to stick to the due dates and get the work completed.

    I created 6 blank project planner sheets (with different themes) and hope to be adding more pretty soon. As with the other free printables, they are saved as Adobe PDF files so that they can be opened on just about everyone computer.


    Download blank printable project planner sheets ]


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    Many Free Printable Items Added

    I have been busy busy busy! I added a bunch of new printables and made many updates to the website in the past few days. New stuff you will find will be: new fax cover sheetschild chore chartsbusiness sales receipts, and printable calendars.

    And that’s not all…the new certificates you will find are marriage certificatesstock certificatescertificate of achievementstudent of the month awardsteacher’s honor roll awardshonor roll awardcitizenship certificatesstudent of the week awards, baby birth certificates and more.

    As always, we can customize any of the printables on this website for you, for a small fee.  Just Contact us.

    Well, back to work…Enjoy!


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    Editable Funeral Memorial Program Templates

    Today I added 5 editable funeral memorial program templates to the free printables section of the website. Sometimes when a loved one passes away they may have not had life insurance or money saved to help pay for the burial. In this day and time money is tight and you could save money by creating the funeral memorial program yourself…on your home computer. You have to cut funeral costs where you can.

    My funeral program templates are Microsoft Word documents that you open up and remove the sample text and add the appropriate text for your loved one.  The 4-page layout is already set up for you.  I created the memorial templates with different themes. You could also replace the pictures with any pictures that you want to use. I plan to add some more free funeral programs soon. Check them out here:


    If you have trouble setting up the funeral program,  Hoover Web Design can design a funeral memorial program just for you. We can do the job with a custom layout (unlike the basic free memorial template) and add whatever information you want to be included. This free memorial program is 4-pages, but we can create a custom 8-page or more memorial program for you for not a lot of money. Just let us know what you require.



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    Website Updates

    I received a few emails asking for more free printables so I made a few that were requested. I added some new coupon printables to my website today.  Check out the free printable hug coupons and the printable kiss coupons. They are cute and were fun to make. I will also be adding coupons good for the following:

    Suggest one for me to make.

    I am still in the process of updating my website and getting rid of a lot of pages that aren’t needed any longer. Pardon the dust, uh I mean any broken links you might find! Hopefully you won’t find any but if you do, let me know. 



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    A New Hoover Web Design is Underway!

    For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a new design on the website. I’ve had the same grey/orange design since I started Hoover Web Design in early 2000.

    With Spring being right on the horizon I thought now would be a great time to implement the new design. The new design has been streamlined. Besides a new color scheme that is shades of blue, I plan to get rid of some unnecessary items and condense some others. I am very happy with the new design and hope you will be too. :)

    To see the new website design, check out the calendar templates:

    I’m not sure how long it will take to get the whole website switched over into the new design. You may see pages with the old design and pages with the new design while I am working on the website. I apologize for that.  I thought about shutting down the website while I worked but that wouldn’t work because I’d lose my traffic. Then I also thought about doing everything on my computer and then upload after I was done with everything. That wouldn’t work either because the site is too large. I need to be able to test the pages/review the pages live as I do them. I finally decided to do the pages one at at time, upload them/test them and move on to the next page.

    Well I would appreciate any comments about the new design.


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    Promote Your Website With AddToAny

    I found a neat little tool today that I’d like to share with you. The name of the tool is AddToAny.  AddToAny allows website owners to give their site visitors an easy way to recommend their website to others. What website owner doesn’t love it when their visitors promote their websites for them? None. Your website can be shared using Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Google Bookmarks and more. In addition, your visitors can share your page via email or add your page to their Internet browser favorites. This is a simple way to draw in referral traffic to your website.

    To use the free AddToAny tool on your website, first visit http://www.addtoany.com/. Next click on “Get the Share Button”. Use the generator widget and include your page name and url. Finally click the “Get Button Code”.  The code that you need to copy and paste on your website will appear at the bottom of the page.

    I created a button for my homepage and you can view it at the bottom of my page here:




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    Hoover Web Design on Facebook

    I just recently got a page for Hoover Web Design on Facebook. It’s one of those things I never could get around to doing but finally I did. 

    Signing up was very simple. I thought it odd that in order to have your own searchable page you have to have 25 likes. A friend of mine got one for her business a while ago and did not have to do this.  Times change I guess. I sent requests to my friends and family and it was in no time at all that I got the required number of page likes. I added a couple of pictures of my website templates and  some  company info. I have begun to put a few “Like us on Facebook” links on my website. I mostly did the high traffic areas. I am hoping this will help to generate more referral traffic to my website.

    On thing I don’t like is the Facebook Business Page is connected to my personal Facebook page. I wish they were separate. Whenever I post on my Hoover page it also shows on my personal page. I don’t think my friends would like to know about updates to my business website. Other than that it’s been great.

    Visit Hoover Web Design on Facebook.



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