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Flash Web Template Preview #1191

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Template Description

This cool flash web template is made for a person who is in the entertainment industry such as an actress or actor, singer, dancer or model. It's the perfect solution for someone who lacks web design experience but needs a web presence quickly and wants their website to look professional.

As you know, Macromedia Flash makes websites look very cool but you can not learn how to use Flash in a day. It takes time and practice. This web template is totally dynamic and Macromedia Flash skills or knowledge are not needed to edit the template. It literally takes about 30 minutes to set this template up because you can update the template via simple text files with Wordpad or any other text editor.

This flash web template allows you to modify the following:

  • preloader & text color
  • Site title and text color
  • background image
  • background color
  • menu titles up to 8 pages
  • menu text colors
  • sound controller color
  • text color
  • choose how many photos in gallery
  • up to 6 subtitles in the resume
  • up/down arrow color
  • choose your own mp3 loop (must have a sample rate of 44.1 khz)

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View a variation of this template

Customer Feedback:

“This is the perfect template for any actor or actress. I have many actor friends who have spent untold sums to have their websites designed. Hoover Web Design’s site has all the same functionality as those other sites at a fraction of the price (and looks better than most). Not to mention YOU control it, so update when YOU want. All the while looking extremely professional. And actors know, it’s all about packaging.

Let’s be honest, we’re actors. We don’t have lots of money. This template will make anyone think otherwise.

I bought this for my girlfriend. Within a day I had it up and running and thoroughly modified to her desires. She absolutely loves the design. Thanks, Gina.” - Daniel T.

The template's home page contains a short Flash Intro and the home page graphic fades in with a blur. Music plays and a sound on/off controller is shown. You can choose your own mp3 music loop. Choosing one small in size would be best so that your site visitors don't have to wait. Slowly the site title appears letter by letter. You can do a lot with this template because you create your own home page background graphic. You are only limited to your creativity. Here is a variation of this template with a different background image. Here's another example. Cool, huh?

The menu titles on the home page are customizable. For the about page you can write a brief bio about yourself and include a picture. This page accepts basic html such as text links, email links and font color changes as shown in the example. (Images, quotation marks and apostrophe's can not be displayed). If you type in more text that can fit on the screen, the text is scrollable. You can post your creative resume with up to 6 sub titles of your choice. The subtitles pages also accept basic html.

A photo gallery has also been included with this web site. Place the photos in a directory and thumbnails are automatically created of your photos and they display in the gallery. For a complete description of the photo gallery click here because that is the photo gallery that is included with this web template. On the news page you can keep fans in the loop with your latest news and add a picture. Finally the contact page also accepts basic html and you can add as many contacts as you need along with a picture.

The actual dimensions of the template are 802x473. It is shown resized a little smaller in the examples. The fonts and layout can not be modified. If you would like to change something in the template you will need to have the template customized. Contact us for pricing. There is no link back requirement or link removal fee on this template.

"English is the only language supported by the photo gallery. Upon purchase you will receive a Flash swf file, html page that contains the web template along with basic instructions on setting the template up. Sample Template by Hoover Web Design" does not appear in the template once you have purchased it. The Macromedia Source file does not come with this template. A graphic editor such as Fireworks or Photoshop is needed to create the home page background image. If you do not have a graphic editor, we can create the background graphic for you. Contact us for pricing..



Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing sense of taste with your designing talent...Fast response and over and above kindness in helping us with our template changes..Compared to you there is no other company like yours..." - Rhonda Hickey, CEO MRM Management

"Thanks Gina, for all your help. I feel so empowered, that I was able to do my own website and I can upgrade my own pictures and maintain the website all on my own. Everyone loves the website and my pictures look nice with the background music and all. It came out better than I imagined. Thanks soooooooo much!!!!!" - Anastasia P.

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Optional Services

Customization of your flash web template to include changing out graphics and colors.

Custom web templates for clients wanting a unique web site design.

For customers with no web design experience, we are able to add your text and graphics into the template for you and upload to your web hosting.

Web Template previews without Hoover Web Design Watermark. Perfect for web designers who would like to show clients the design before purchasing it.



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