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This page contains free Employee Time Off Record form templates that you can download for free. Employee Time Off Record forms are an important part of a successful business. You can use Employee Time Off Record to keep track of your employees time away from work.

The Employee Time Off Record form allows you to keep track of holidays off, personal days, sick days, and vacation days that an employee takes during the course of a year. There is a field to mark for each day of the year and for each month of the year.

The Employee Time Off Record forms below are printable forms which are saved as Adobe PDF file. Simply print out the Employee Time Off Record forms and fill in the information that is appropriate.

The following holidays are grayed because they fall the same day each year. January 1 New Years Day, July 4 Independence Day and December 25, Christmas Day. You can bind the Employee Time Off Record forms in a notebook for your records.

Contact us for a free quote on having your business information added on the form for you or to customize the form for your business.

employee time off record forms

Free Employee Time Off Record Form - Use this free printable employee time off record form to keep track of your employees attendance.
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