What is Link Baiting and How Can It Help Me?

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Link baiting (or linkbaiting) refers to anything on a website that encourages unsolicited links from the owners of another web site. In link bating, a web site owner will link to your website because they WANT TO, not because you ask them to. It happens due to the fact that there is something good, useful, entertaining or informative in some way on your website or blog. The web site owner likes what he/she sees and would like to show it to their web site visitors by adding a link to your content on your website.

Link bating can include content, online tools, downloads, or anything else that another web site owner might find compelling enough to want to link to. Link baiting is important because most search engines use back links as a major factor in determining ranking. Every article that you write should be link bate. Why you ask? The great thing about link bating is that it leads to one way links which are highly desirable. It's like a vote for your site. Web links are hard to get, requiring plenty of time and effort and even more effort to get a one way link. With link baiting, you "bait" your content and sit back and wait for the links to come in.

The art of linkbaiting is in the hook. You should write a title that will reel web site visitors in. A link bait article title should be something that a web site visitor will immediately find enticing (something like "Top 10 Website Design Disasters"), shocking ("Secrets Your Web Designer Doesn't Want You to Know") or completely unconventional ("Baboons: The Hot New Pet of SEO Millionaires!").

While text can certainly be link bait, it can be easier to get tools and videos linked to.

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