Consent of Lessor Legal Form

Use this free business legal document which legally assigns your consent of a lessor to a lease and outlines the terms of agreement.


To use this form, Copy the form text from the web page with your mouse (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) into a new Microsoft Word document. Edit the blanks in the document and type in your own information. Fill in the banks and print it out and sign.

Consent of Lessor Business Form

Consent of Lessor Legal Form

I, _________(18)_____________, lessor named in the above assignment of that lease executed by me on _______(19)__________, 19__(20)_, consent to that assignment. I also consent to the agreement by assignee to assume after ________(21)_________, 19__(22)_, the payment of rent and performance of all duties and obligations as set forth in the lease, and release ___________(23)_________, lessee and assignor, from all duties and obligations under the lease, including the payment of rent, after _______(24)___________, 19__(25)_, and accept assignee as lessee in the place of ________(26)__________, lessee and assignor.

Dated __________(27)___________, 19__(28)_.



The free legal forms and information displayed in this document is designed to provide you with an example that you can follow when creating your own business legal documents. As you know, local county, city and state laws vary. Therefore, it is recommend that you seek the professional legal counsel (from an attorney) before you enter into any legal binding contract or agreement. Hoover Web Design is not responsible for any liability that comes from the use of this free legal form.

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