Prenuptial Agreement Form

A prenuptial agreement form is used to protect the assets a person has before he gets married. In case the marriage should end, there is a plan of what each partner will walk away with during the marriage. A lot of celebrities and people with a lot of money see this as a wise choice to do before they get married.

To use this free prenuptial form, copy the letter text and paste it into your word processor of choice. Fill in the banks and print it out and sign.

prenuptial agreement free legal documents

Prenuptial Agreement Form


This Agreement made this _(1)_ day of _______(2)________, 19_(3)_, by and between ___________(4)____________, of ___________(5)_______________, and _________(6)__________ of ___________(7)_______________.

WHEREAS, the parties contemplate legal marriage under the laws of the State of ________(8)________; and

WHEREAS, it is their mutual desire to enter into this Agreement whereby they will regulate their relationships toward each other with respect to the property each of them own and in which each of them has an interest.

Now, therefore, it is agreed as follows:

1. That all properties of any kind or nature, real, personal or mixed, wherever the same may be found, which belong to each party, shall be and forever remain the personal estate of said party, including all interest, rents and profits which may accrue there from.

2. That each party shall have at all times the full right and authority, in all respects the same as each would have if not married, to use, enjoy, manage, convey and encumber such property as may belong to him or her.

3. That each party may make such disposition of his or her property as the case may be, by gift or will during his or her lifetime, as each sees fit; and in the event of the decease of one of the parties, the survivor shall have no interest in the property of the estate of the other, either by way of inheritance, succession, family allowance or homestead.

4. That each party, in the event of a separation, shall have no right as against the other by way of claims for support, alimony, attorney fees, costs, or division of property.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement.




The free legal forms and information displayed in this document is designed to provide you with an example that you can follow when creating your own business legal documents. As you know, local county, city and state laws vary. Therefore, it is recommend that you seek the professional legal counsel (from an attorney) before you enter into any legal binding contract or agreement. Hoover Web Design is not responsible for any liability that comes from the use of this free legal form.

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